I am so sore after my lesson today. I am not looking forward to tomorrow.

We worked on our positions at the start. My core muscles are crap so I struggle to hold my upper body properly sometimes. Also, my heels go¬†too far down (damn those flexible ankles) and where I’m supposed to hold them feels like they’re up really high.

After that 10 minutes of adjusting (which is the reason I’m sore. Holding positions in the halt is so hard. I need to get stronger) we mainly worked on getting horses into self carriage. Because I was on Mr Fancy Schoolmaster (he’s my instructor’s old horse. He knows all the dressage… when you ask him correctly/convince him) I also worked on getting a more uphill trot and stuff. Managed to get it quite a few times, but as the lesson got on and both the pony and I got tired it was much harder to keep the trot active and uphill at the same time (the tempo wasn’t changing, but it didn’t feel like we were covering much ground either)

Tomorrow I go back to work to help out with the dressage day, maybe ride a prelim test (if I have time/am not too sore) and then leave early to go back to uni and do a group assignment -__-

6 days until the break. Just 6 hectic days…

The period of weekly exams is over! I can relax now!

lol jks I have to do the assignments I couldn’t start because I had to study for exams. I also have to catch up on two weeks of lectures… But still probably less stress for a few weeks. It’ll be nice to catch my breath before final exams begin.

Today started with our pregnancy quiz (my second last quiz before end of semester) and despite the fact that I felt like I was going to throw up this morning I think I did well on it. The lecturer asked lovely questions and I’m told he’s also an easy marker so I have hope for a decent result.

After the prac we had another comparative anatomy prac. This week: chickens. It was not as cool as the reptiles last week, but still really interesting. We found eggs in our hen that hadn’t been calcified yet which was cool, and following the gastrointestinal tract was really interesting. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the air sacs very well (they’re so easy to puncture!) Next week is another bird prac, but I think it’s on more native/wild birds (and by then I should have caught up so I’ll have an idea of what’s actually going on…)

For now I’m going to take a few hours off. Might even finish playing with the theme for this blog :D Then it’s back into study and catch up…

Why Pay the Vet?


The cost of vet care is something that I hear about every day. Every. Single. Day.

I hear about it every single day because there is at least one client every day who complains about our charges. If not two. Or five. And those complaints are always paired with these accusatory…